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Kenichi Harumi Plenary Lecture
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Each year an established investigator with a distinguished record of research in the area of electrocardiology is invited to present a more elaborate overview or general discussion of a specific topic in a session memorializing former ISCE member, Kenichi Harumi, M.D.

 Past Presenters

The list of plenary speakers have included the following:

  • Otto Schmitt
  • Michael M. Laks
  • J. A. Abildskov
  • Madison Spach
  • Bruno Taccardi
  • Harry Fozzard
  • Pentti Rautaharju
  • Allen M. Scher
  • Maurits A. Allessie
  • Rory W. Childers
  • Reginald Nadeau
  • Arthur J. Moss
  • Akinori Noma
  • Michiel Janse
  • Marek Malik
  • Adriann van Oosterom
  • Paul Kligfield
  • Willem G. Einthoven
  • Leonard S. Gettes
  • Jerome, Liebman
  • Yoram Rudy
  • Ray Ideker
  • Andre Kleber
  • Robert L. Lux
  • Charles Antzelovitch
  • Barbara J. Drew
  • Tohru Ohe
  • Peter W. Macfarlane
  • Wojciech Zareba
  • Olle Pahlm (Galen Wagner)
  • David W. Mortara
  • Georg Schmidt
  • Jonathan Steinberg

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